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Pure Fun Reading the Brotherhood of Dwarves Series

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I wrapped up the final two of the three that are currently in publication in a span of 2 days. Thankfully each book was only around 150 pages long on my Nook.

Red Sky at Dawn and The Fall of Dorkun were action packed and even though I typically take my time reading because I lack time for such leisure activities. I found myself taking any break to turn on my Nook and get a couple of pages in, especially when the kids were sleeping. The adventure that follows Roskin heir to a “peaceful” dwarven kingdom as his quest for glory takes a incredibly bad turn and he all he wants is to get back home. Why did I put peaceful in quotations? Read the damn books.

Dwarves don’t get enough recognition in Fantasy books, Tyrion of Game of Thrones fame doesn’t count as a Dwarf in “fantasy” sense. This series is straight up the Dwarves we all love that are usually regulated to comic side characters. After finishing reading Red Sky at Dawn, I honestly said aloud “You Basstard.” This was directed at the though D.A. Adams, not because I was mad, but, well, he left the kind of cliffhanger that you hand to immediately pick up the third book and try to read it. Which in my case was 2am. I had to wait until I slept and was fully comprehensable to finish the third book, which has an even BIGGER cliffhanger on the unreleased yet fourth book.

There is something here that really appeals to those of us who love books like Lord of the Rings and books, movies, you name it where the Dwarves are regulated to the sideline. I loved getting full on perspective of Dwarves that kick ass with an intense story that makes you just want to keep reading until you’ve hit that last page. These books are short (around 150 pages or so) easy to read adventure that won’t let you down and can be consumed in a voracious fashion if you’ve got a long trip or layover or half a day to do nothing. Just go to Amazon or your local book retailer and get them now, you’ll thank me.

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