Pump: Everyone is Entitled to My Opinion!

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F37D25D8-FFB3-3D73-EF4F4F7D51B5BDA5Every once in awhile a documentary comes out that annoys this piss out of everyone. Not cause it’s poorly made, not because the subject matter isn’t entertaining, but because it shows us that as a society we’re amazingly complacent.

Pump is one of those documentaries akin to Who Killed the Electric Car?, Food Inc., Flow, and King Corn.

Pump starts out simply telling the lurid history of our woes with fossil fuels. From Henry Ford’s engine that ran off of booze, the Rockefeller anti-trust suit, the gas crisis, all the way up to are present day wars for oil. I honestly felt like Pump tells these stories in a straightforward, mostly unbiased way.

Then we get to the important part… A solution to our problems.

Alternative fuels are actually a viable option for most people. Some people have the option already and don’t know about it. One of the strongest arguments made in this movie is for the use of Flex-fuel vehicles. If you go to fill up your gas tank and your gas cap is yellow than you can fuel your car with Ethanol instead of gasoline and it’ll run cleaner, cheaper and drive just the same.

Don’t have that yellow cap? Well don’t go trade in your car in just yet. Most cars can be converted over to Flex-fuel. There’s websites out there dedicated to help you, and the best part—it’s super easy. Easier than changing your own oil, easier than putting together Ikea furniture, and it pays for its self!

This next week I’ll be converting my Subaru Legacy to Flex-fuel. I found a station close to me that sells E85 (85% Ethanol 15% Gasoline) and I’ll be documenting my change in a follow up article.

Regardless of your interest in changing Flex-fuel, or automobile modification you should watch this movie. It’s entertaining, compelling, and will make you smarter for watching it.

This movie is worth your time and money no question about it!

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