PS3 Software Update 3.56 is live and making people grumpy

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According to the Playstation Blog, the new 3.56 software update will be coming soon, but by soon they apparently meant the very same day they posted “coming soon.” I’m not going to pretend like that makes any sense, but I suppose technically it did come soon. Many PS3 owners appear to be having some technical difficulties downloading the update and have proceeded to let everyone on the internet know about it in the comments section of the blog. I haven’t attempted to download it yet, but when I do, I’ll be sure to leave a comment on the Playstation Blog misspelling things and forgetting how to talk like a normal human being.

The new update addresses some security issues that have been caused lately by certain devious PS3 owners having custom firmware on their machines. There are no new features being added or anything worth writing home about, just a security patch, but the comment section of the blog is more entertaining than cross-game chat anyway.

I will leave you with a couple of gems. All spelling is kept intact for your enjoyment.


“plzzz bann mw2 hackerss plzzz or sumthing im tired of clzzz”

“They are a japenese company. They are going to release ALL of the updates in the morning for Japan.”

“Thanx to those stupide hackers, maybe sony is considering right now, the idea to charge us for the online gaming. Thx again stupide hackers to make us our life more expensive and hard. I hope SONY ban those hacked consoles.”

Just… just make it stop.

Source: PlayStation.Blog

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