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PS3 Mass Effect on the Way?

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All signs are pointing to ‘not right now’ on a PS3 version of Mass Effect. The guys over at CVG had a recent interview with the same fella who went on and on about Dragon Age: Origins yesterday and he pretty much gave us the industry standard double-talk treatment.

When he was asked directly why we have yet to see a PS3 version of the game, which became more of a reality once EA bought BioWare, he only had this to say in his defense.

“I think a more accurate way to frame it is to say we’ve announced we’re developing Mass Effect for 360 and PC. Right from the beginning we said we wanted to deliver Mass Effect on the 360. Right now all we’ve announced is we’re working on 360 and PC.”

When trying to nail down that bit of industry-speak, asking if it might EVER happen:

“We haven’t announced anything on that front.”

Hearing people like this talk this way is enough to drive any sane person completely nutters, but it’s to be expected from a company CEO who wants to keep their options open.

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