Proof Of Concept Of Enhanced Sonic CD On iPhone

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This is pretty cool stuff. At first you might just think that this is just a simply the iPhone emulating Sonic CD, like what Sega have done with the original Sonic The Hedgehog,  but as you can see in the video, it’s actually a port of Sonic CD to the iPhone. It uses the Retro engine which is a platform engine built from scratch, designed to feel like the platforming of a classic Sonic game. Needless to say, the video looks very impressive and looks exactly like what a Sonic game should be. There are also some enhancements thanks to the Retro engine, such as the aspect ratio being adjusted to the iPhone’s (16:9?). It even looks easy enough to control considering that the iPhone has no buttons. Personally, I’d rather have this engine ported to the PSP or DS but then I don’t have an iPhone. Of course, this is completely unnofficial, but right now Sega is looking for ideas for new iPhone/iPod Touch games so if you like the look of this proof of concept then be sure to tell Sega here.

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