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Pretty Deadly #2 – Comic Review

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Bad-ass Ladies, Writing About Bad-ass Ladies. This is Pretty Deadly #2

Pretty Deadly #2 CoverPretty Deadly #2
Writer: Kelly Sue
Artist: Emma Rios
Colors: Jordie Bellaire
Publisher: Image
Price: $3.50

This ain’t your Daddy’s western story, children. First off you’re story tellers are a rabbit skeleton and a butterfly, telling a legend of Death’s Daughter.  No John Wayne around these parts partner, not many males actually. We’re all about girl power here, girl power that will stab you in the mouth and slice your head in half.

“Pretty Deadly,” could this title be anymore perfect for this comic? It should be the code name for the creative team. Emma Rios’ art is “pretty” on a bad day, this is absolutely stunning. I’m not overselling this, I literally had to consciously close my mouth when I was through with this comic. Seamlessly fluid between one scene to the next, even the gore and carnage is beautiful! I want to frame each and every page. But let’s not forget about Kelly Sue “Deadly” Deconnick, now.   Known for her bad-ass ladies from Marvel (Ms. Marvel and Avengers Assemble) she brings a quieter, little more vicious quality to these characters.  More vengeance and murder than heroics. She also writes my favorite type of female character, big and bad, so well.

This isn’t just on my radar, I’ve got the calendar marked for each release for at least 3 months. I’ve signed up for every social media site that even mentions this book, read 10 fanfictions and have at least half a dozen folders full of fanart for this. Everyone should pick this up, Emma and Kelly Sue are such a dynamic duo you would be a right fool to pass this up.  I’m Team Pretty Deadly til the end.

6 out of 5 bullet wounds

Buy it for yourself: Pretty Deadly #2

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