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Prehistoric Beer?!? GIMME!

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I’d like to think that some caveman, at some point in our evolution was able to discover fermentation. It may not be documented, but I always hold hope that we see a cave painting with human figures with bubbles coming off their head. Well a brewery from California promises even more, a beer made from 45 million year old yeast…did someone say drunken Raptor Jesus? Yes please!

Fossil Fuels Brewing Company found and cultivated a strain of yeast that was hearty enough to survive in the stomach of a bee trapped in hardened amber. Dr. Raul Cano discovered many strains of prehistoric bacteria in multiple locations across the globe and started researching them. He, along with his colleague, Lewis Lambert came to discover that one strain in particular closely resembled our modern beer and bread workhorse Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

The two came to find out that the ancient yeast could be used to produce beer and have been making small batches of it since last year. Hopefully I can take a trip down to Cali and have a taste of it myself, but I’m not holding my breath. The worst part is that even when they start selling it in bottles, I can’t get it shipped to Utah…this state is retarded when it comes to alcohol.

The beer they’ve produced has been getting rave reviews from beer reviewers and there’s even a report about the pale ale they made (tested against the same pale ale brewed with modern yeast) having a “smoother, softer fruity flavor…with a lemon sweetness that isn’t tart…The fact it is made with such old yeast is fascinating, and given how good the beer is, no mere novelty.”

What’s even crazier is that the 2 places in California that make it are currently sold out due to high demand. When was the last time that you can recall a new local beer selling out due to demand? I don’t know when or if I’ll ever get a chance to try it, but for you Cali natives should give it a try if you’re near one of the pubs that serve it and let me know.


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