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Plants vs Zombies on the iPhone…finally!

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Not being a PC gamer that much anymore, I’ve never had a chance to play many of PopCap’s great games on the medium they’re normally released for…thankfully they’re good enough to make ports of most of them for the iPhone. Hell, if it weren’t for this fact, I’d never have played Peggle or BookWorm. Now, it seems that I’ll be getting another excellent game on my iPhone soon.

Well, we have discussed this before when it was announced it would be ported to the Xbox 360, but now Plants vs Zombies is for sure hitting a platform I actually use, the iPhone and soon. At least we now have a release date for this highly anticipated tower defense game. The date isn’t exact…because of Apple’s policy to not put up release dates for software, but the guys at PopCap were nice enough to reveal on their Facebook page that it should be available in the App Store near the end of January.

I can’t wait, I’ve needed another poo game to play.

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