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Pillowfight Girls – Review

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Salacious yes.

It was a normal day at work yesterday, when all-of-a-sudden I get an email touting the virtues of an iPhone/iPad game that hit the App Store recently called “Pillowfight Girls”. I didn’t even care if it was good or not, a fighting game on my portable device that had scantily clad womens beating each other up with pillows and it’s only $0.99? Sold.

I had to wait the entire day to get home and install the game on my 3GS because it was over 20 mb and any iPhone user knows that if something is over 20 mb, you need to have access to Wi-Fi to download…I unfortunately didn’t.

So there I was, at home downloading a game that I had been waiting to play for nearly 8 hours. It finishes and I begin my descent in to the world that is Pillowfight Girls.

The game is, for the lack of a better term, what’d you’d expect from it being a $1 fighting game: it’s simple, easy to pick up, the AI isn’t terribly challenging, and best of all there’s at least more than 2 characters to select from while playing, there’s six of them to be exact.

That is a giant heart shaped pillow.I enjoyed playing this game as what it was meant to be, a time waster. It is in no way meant to replace or emulate Super Street Fighter IV or even the iPhone/iPad port. I just think that with the animation being slightly sluggish and the controls feeling unresponsive under a load, that the game would have been better suited for the company if it were free and driven by advertisements.

The salacious nature of us males 18-34 is a guaranteed dowload that you might miss out on when you’re charging for it, I don’t think the game is terrible at all, I just think that it could have been more than what it was, a normal button-mashing fighter with half nekkid ladies in it.

My final thought is this: If you have a dollar and there’s a good 20-30 minutes open in your day where you don’t have much else to do, pick this game up for the iPhone…it’s a friggin’ dollar for Crom’s sake.

Jermaine’s iPad Impressions

sorry, jermaine didn't like it as much as I did.

So I’ve been playing this game on my iPad called Pillowfight Girls. Yes, you did read that correctly and I’m not making it up. Have I grabbed your attention yet? Well that is exactly what the developer, I-play, is hoping for. The game is essentially a fighting game with “sexy” female characters. I say “sexy” because the females weren’t all that attractive looking. Putting girls in skimpy outfits and making them fight each other with pillows doesn’t exactly scream sexy.

You control each character with an on-screen d-pad for movement and face buttons for attacking, blocking, and your occasional special move that shows up after landing a few hits. In the event your girl gets pinned down by another girl, you shake your device frantically to get her back up. So basically, you want to do a vigorous up and down movement with your device to get your character up.

character select, minus 3 other ladies.

While the fighting was easy to get into, the overall enjoyment never arrived for me. You never get a sense of strategy or that the buttons your were pressing really mattered. While the thought of half naked coeds pillow fighting might draw in some, they will quickly be disappointed with this poor attempt at a fighting game. If your curious about this title and have an extra $0.99 burning a whole in your pocket, I would strongly recommended you skipping this one.

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