Alan Smithee

PAX 2011: Final Fantasy XIII-2 New Trailer

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If you enjoyed Final Fantasy XIII then this is for you. I for one hated the gameplay and repetitiveness but I (like so many other gamers out there) will be picking this game up when it comes out in January to see if Square-Enix has finally gotten it right for once.

I’m hoping that with the towns to explore and actual NPC interaction that this game will be mostly palatable, but I’m not holding out hope that this game will be the AAA materiel that Square used to put out. I did enjoy the storyline for FFXIII, and I got about 40 hours into it before losing interest, so I’m thinking that with this trailer…they’ve shown me enough to at least pique my interest. A collector’s gotta collect.

Now if I can get Evan or Jeff to swing by the game’s booth to give it a good ol’ hands on treatment.

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