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Paul – Trailer

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What do you get when you take the guys from Hot Fuzz and Shawn of the Dead, throw them into a movie where they meet up with a real life Roger from American Dad (voiced by Seth Rogen), and have them try to run away from the a Federal agent played by Jason Bateman? You end up with…Paul.

Yup, just Paul.

No seriously, that’s really the title of the movie. I’ve been waiting to hear other people’s reactions to this movie premise and while most have been overly negative, I’ve got a good feeling about this film. I know it’s annoying to have Seth voicing another CG character, but I like to think that if we put our trust into the actors that make this movie up, we’ll be alright.

Look, you’ve got Nick Frost, Simon Pegg, Seth Rogen, Jason Bateman, Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader, and Sigourney Weaver, in the cast and Greg Mottola who did great work in Superbad if you’ll remember. I just think that this trailer doesn’t accurately show what we can really expect from the movie. I will personally wait for the Red-Band trailer before passing any real judgment.

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