Patrick Stewart Lending His Voice To War Of The Worlds

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Again, that’s the new game in production, not any new movie or audiobook. Yep, god tier British actor Patrick Stewart will be narrating over the upcoming side scrolling platformer based on H.G. Wells classic War Of The Worlds. For Patrick, War Of The Worlds is something that is meaningful for him, which is why he took the role for the game. He says;

“As a young boy, I remember watching the The War of the Worlds so many times I was quoting the lines,” said Stewart. “The alien invasion both terrified and fascinated me and the movie has stuck with me since then. Now, being part of this project will provide a new way for gamers around the world to experience a fresh new take on a classic.”

While this is no indication of whether the game will be any good, Stewart is a hero is to many on WPR so we get damn excited when we hear about anything he’s invovled in. There’s also some new screenshots and concept art below too which certainly paint a gloomy picture. The game is out on XBLA and PSN later this year.

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