Alan Smithee

One Step Closer to a Wii Sex Simulator

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Ok, I should at least be somewhat vindicated by now that the Wii is just a peripheral selling hunk of junk, that I, like so many other people bought into. I regret it…even more so than my PS3, at least the PS3 can play current gen games and lets me watch the Blu-Rays. This the latest crazy-patent idea that Nintendo has thrown into the mix. It’s a blow-up chair type thing that you stick your Wii-mote into and pretend to ride as if it were a horse. No fucking lie, just take a look at the picture above.

Today, horse-riding with the Wii-mote, next week playing ‘doctor’ with the Wii. I still say we’ll have Wii Anus Explorer by 2010 in which you ride a fake ass using a peripherally mounted Wii-mote as a phallus. I’m calling it right now Michael Pachter!

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