Alan Smithee

One Reason I’m Glad to Live in Utah

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The Bonneville Salt Flats (a scant 100 miles from where I sit) are host to all sorts of speed demons, but it’s a rare occasion that you get to see any kind of vehicle approach the multiple hundreds of miles per hour mark.

About two months ago, Speed Demon (the actual name of the car) made a run at the Salt Flats and hit a top speed of 436 miles per hour. That’s easily 5x as fast as I ever feel comfy driving on the freeway in my Jetta. Keep in mind that Speed Demon is powered by a paltry Turbo’d MOPAR 4 Cylinder that’s pushing a little over 1k horsepower. Other cars that hit this number are usually turbine powered jet-cars or extremely huge engined.

You can check out more of Speed Demon at their website which can be found through this link.

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