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On The Treadmill – Serenity

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serenityFor the last two years or so, I’ve been running on a near nightly occurrence. Of course I take days off, but for the most part an hour a day for 4-6 nights a week minimum you’ll find me running outdoors…until we earned our hottest summer in history.

Instead of baking out in the sun and dying of sunburn and dehydration, I now hop on my crappy yet fully functional treadmill and watch Netflix on my iPad. It turns out that I’ve been missing a ton of television that’s out there along with a whole gang of movies that I missed out on.

Just this past Friday I finished watching Joss Whedon’s love letter to the fans of Firefly, Serenity, and it was everything I remembered and loved and oh so much more. I figured it was long enough, a handful of years, since I last watched it and I wondered if it had aged like a fine cheese or reverted to vinegar like a wine gone south.

The pacing for this film is excellent for treadmill times, all too often these days I find movies that I thought would be a good watch that really aren’t due to the lags in action. I’m glad to see that Serenity has more than enough action in it that it never has that dreaded 20 minute lag where the miles feel like they’re getting much longer.

I still am very much in love with each of the characters that Whedon presented to us, especially Kaylee. The only person or persons that I couldn’t really stand and it’s only because I’m sure they were written to be that way were the Tam brother and sister. I enjoyed the Operative more now as a villain because I see now that he’s a much more complex individual than I remember. The fact that he lets the crew survive after Mr. Universe’s backup equipment broadcast the video from Miranda.

I’m glad to say that the CG used in the film is still pretty nice looking except for the run away scene near the beginning where it mixes practical effects of the crew getting away from an extremely under budget version of a Reaver pursuit craft. That’s my only gripe really and what a miniscule one as well.

I can always tell how much I like a movie based on how yearning I am to return to it the next day as I rarely finish anything completely while running except a few episodes of G.I. Joe and Justice League Unlimited. I know that as long as it’s available on Netflix, I plan on watching this movie again because of how damn fun it is. Joss seems to be able to do that with his movies, make them fun. However there are still tons and tons of movies that I have to see and only a small pittance of time to do so.

Next week I’ll have a On The Treadmill review of Battle Royale as it’s my current watch I’m working on. See you then.

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