Alan Smithee

Ominous Video is Ominous

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The video above was the first live-action video that we got for Halo: Reach, titled Birth of a Spartan, and that was MONTHS ago. Today, we’ve received another Halo: Reach video, this one called “Remeber Reach”…and it’s eerily OMINOUS.

I love how new Halo games always come along with live-action videos that are interesting and obscure at the same time. Today’s newly released video is more than that, it’s ominous! See for yourself.

Keep in mind that acting has never really been a strong point when it comes to these commercials, but for those of us that have followed the Halo francise through all sources of media (such as the movies, books, comics, games) we already know that Reach was one of the first ‘big targets’ that the Covenant destroyed…not to mention the birthplace of the Spartan II program that the series hero Master Chief John 117 was a part of since childhood. I only wish the video was a bit clearer in explaining what we should be remembering about reach.

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