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Oh Kojima, You Teasing Bastard

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Unfortunately, the big boss quartet will not be performing their smash hit "Metal Gear?!?" tonight.

We already know that Hideo-kun is the master of hype. He had gamers like me frothing at the mouth to play MGS4 for so long that I thought I’d go crazy. I can’t give full credit to Kojima-san on this one. The hype this time goes to the PR manager for Kojima Productions, Jiro Oish.

If you were paying attention to any of the gaming sites waay back in the frosty months of October, Kojima was the first to announce that there was going to be a big ‘surprise’ in the the PSP MGS title Peace Walker. Now it turns out that Mr Oish has begun saying the same things…except they leave out one big detail, any hints to what that surprise may be. All that the guy would say is the following:

“There’s another ultimate charm outside of co-op play hidden in Peace Walker”

Yup, no information there. I guess we’ll just have to keep waiting until the game comes out so we can spoil it for the rest of you out there in the land.

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