Ocarina Of Time and Star Fox 64 3DS remakes get release dates

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And the best thing for you early adopters is that you don’t have a long wait between both, at least if you’re in Japan. The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time was the first to get a release date yesterday. The best game of all time (according to Nintendo fans) is out on Nintendo 3DS on June 16th in Japan, June 17th in Europe and June 19th in the States. I am liking this habit of Nintendo actually releasing games and hardware in Europe before America, although maybe that’s just for 3DS related items. As for Star Fox 64, that has a Japanese release date of July 14th, with no current release date for Europe and America, although given the speed of the Internet and the quick release of Zelda, hopefully it won’t be too long.

Ocarina Of Time should be pretty fun on 3DS, especially with the revamped graphics. No offence to the Nintendo 64, but Ocarina Of Time’s graphics have not aged well at all (compared to my Nintendo 64 favourite Super Mario 64 anyway). The only other thing you might like to know is that the Zelda remake at least is being developed by a third party called Grezzo, a company founded by the director of Secret Of Mana and Final Fantasy XI, Koichi Ishii. Still, Nintendo wouldn’t let a third party do a shoddy porting job of one of their most crticially acclaimed games, so it should be in safe hands.

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