Alan Smithee

Nintendo, I don’t recognize you anymore…

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you think this is bad, you should see the other kangaroo's face...

First off, I’ve been hearing reports of the newest firmware you’re pumping out to battle the haxors of the world has caused people who were unmodified to have bricked Wiis, from which you’ll not claim any responsibility and will actually charge people to get fixed? Now I’m hearing that if you buy stuff for your DSi and want to migrate it to a newer DSi (for whatever reason), you can’t…you’re just shit out of luck.

What the hell happened to you Nintendo? You used to be so cool. You were the envy of all your rivals, now you’re just a bloated hack who keeps preying on the people’s sense of brand loyalty and nostalgia by releasing the same games on barely upgraded hardware. Bad form old chap, I’m sad to say.

I’m not kidding, not allowing people to re-download software that they’ve paid for is a real dick move and another reason I’m against digital distribution. Don’t even get me started on the retarded ‘anti-hacker’ campaign that is more ineffectual than pissing on a wildfire, you just can’t stop them and your efforts to do so are further alienating your fanbase.

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