Kyle J. Steenblik

The Night of the Doctor: Watch this incredible mini Doctor Who episode now.

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By now you have probably already seen this, but it bears repeated viewing.  The Night of the Doctor: A Mini Episode – Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor Prequel from the BBC.

Doctor WhoYes, that is Paul McGann, and yes, that is…. meet me at the bottom, after you have watched this.

Yes, that is Eighth Doctor, Paul McGann, regenerating. Regenerating into what is being called “The War Doctor”. I literally squealed like a child when I saw McGann. I did for a few reasons. First, he never got a fair shot, and he has deserved to wear the Doctor’s shoes for a long time. Second, character was unresolved, and I longed for closure. Third, did you see him? He looks awesome. If you weren’t just out of your mind excited for The Day of the Doctor hopefully this fixes that. Now excuse me I have to watch this again.

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