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Next Time Buy the Vest AND the Helmet

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Yeah, that's a knife, buried in some poor chinese kid's head awright.

Guys, I doubt many of us will ever have the ability or the drive to ever play Counter-Strike at a net cafe in China, but if you’re ever in the thick of it and you’re accused of cheating…you’d better run your ass off to avoid some serious pain. [graphic image follows]


There was a tussle at a ‘no-ID’ net cafe in China on March 16th that resulted in a 17-year old Chinese youth being stabbed in the head with a twelve inch (and rusty) knife. What could this kid be doing that is so terrible? Seems, that he was called out for being a cheater in Counter-Strike…that’s it.

The kid was supposedly using a see-through-wall hack to tilt the game to his advantage, when the attacker caught on to his cheating. A fight broke out and the attacker managed to bury the gigantic blade tip to hilt in the young kid’s head…here’s the kicker, the victim survived with no impairment to his motor skills.

Psh, serously dude, don't buy just the vest, no sense in being a cheap ass!

The knife was removed after a 10 hour surgery in which doctors noted that the blade missed all of his major arteries. He’s currently under observation thanks to the rust on the knife, but with any luck, the kid should be back to racial slurs and homophobia while cheating in no time.

As for the attackers, no word on whether the’ve been captured. Seeing how they were using knife attacks, it’s easy for us to believe they managed to get away from the cops who didn’t think to switch to knife mode for the speed bonus.

Source: Sankaku Complex

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