New Star Wars Game Being Announced At Spike’s VGA, Probably Won’t Be Interesting

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Yep, it’s that time again, when we get pre-emptively excited for a new Star Wars game, only for the actual product to be flawed. This time around the setting is the Spike VGA, the serious video game awards show , where as part of the deal, they get a load of exclusives to show that us filthy peasants have to wait until the event to see. Today, we were given a teaser for a new Star Wars game. Now, in an ideal world, this would be an announcement that the fabled Star Wars Battlefront 3 would be back in production after Free Radical stopped working on it when they went down. Or maybe a 4th Rogue Squadron game, full of epic space battles in beautiful HD. We can hope, but it’ll probably be something that isn’t interesting. What do you reckon it’s going to be?

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