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The New South Park Season 17 Teaser Is Here

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There may be some animated twerking in our future….. south-park-season-17-premiere-01 With the South Park premiere only one week away, a season 17 teaser trailer has finally hit the web. Giving us a glimpse of some of this years most controversial events, and having a tag line of “Going There”: I think its safe to say that this season’s 10 episode run plans on pulling no punches. With the ability to make an episode in a week, lets hope that Matt Stone and Trey Parker do plan on keeping this shortened season focused on all the crazy things going on in the world. Considering the episodes that satire current events tend to be among this series’s best, I for one am super excited at what this trailer hints to.

So what do you think is in store for us in the season of South Park? Sound off in the comments below!

South Park season 17 returns 9/25th on Comedy Central, check out my Fall TV Preview for more coverage of your favorite shows.

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