New Mothership Zeta Screens

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Bethesda have given us three new screenshots of the upcoming Fallout 3 DLC, Mothership Zeta.  The screenshots show off a few of the new alien based weapons that are going to appear in the DLC which is scheduled for release on August 3.  There are numouress new weapons in the game including; Alien Atomizer (Pistol), Alien Disintegrator (Rifle), the Cryo Grenade which has the ability to freeze time and a few other which have yet to be announced although a heavy weapon has also been hinted at.

There’s also going to be a brand new perk for you levelling experts called the ‘Xenotech Expert’ which allows you to do more damage with the alien weapons you come across as well as something called the ‘Alien Epoxy’ which can repair your rare and damaged items.

If you don’t already know Mothership Zeta sees you abducted from the Capital Wasteland by Aliens and beamed up to their mothership where you’ve got to fight your out and return home, it’s supposedly the last of the Fallout 3 DLC whether or not that’s true remains to be seen but there’s definitely enough here to keep you occupied for a few hours as you try and get your character up to level 30.


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