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New Manga Releases for the Week of September 15, 2015

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This week sees new manga releases from Seven Seas Entertainment and VIZ Media.

Master Keaton Volume 4 mangaMy “Pick of the Week” goes to VIZ Media’s release of Master Keaton Volume 4.

Master Keaton Volume 4 by Hokusei Katsuhika and Takashi Nagasaki
VIZ Media – MSRP: $19.99 Get it for $13.51 on Amazon!

Taichi Hiraga Keaton’s dream is to devote his time to further studying archaeology. In reality, however, he is an ace investigator for the insurance organization Lloyd’s. A kindhearted man, Keaton has a life filled with danger and setbacks due to his job and calling.

The other new releases coming out this week are:

Non Non Biyori Volume 2 by Atto
Seven Seas Entertainment – MSRP: $12.99

School is out and there’s nothing to do but have fun. Well, except for summer homework. Or tests of courage gone horribly wrong. Or having to explain your terrible grades to your mother. Maybe summer isn’t so great after all. Still, there are plenty of delightful summer adventures for the few students and one teacher of Asashigoaka Branch School. Join Natsumi, Komari, Renge, Hotaru, and the rest of the gang as they take a trip to the beach, hunt cicadas, make new friends, and try to figure out what else to do on their long, hot summer days.

Servamp Volume 3 by Strike Tanaka
Seven Seas Entertainment – MSRP: $12.99

School’s out for the summer, but 15-year-old Shirota Mahiru has no time to kick back. Not while the clock is ticking on the verge of a Servamp war. He and Kuro have more questions than answers, especially about the secret group known as C3. But one thing is dead certain: the evil Tsubaki is still a homicidal monster with Shirota and Kuro in his sights.

Terra Formars Volume 8 by Yu Sasuga
VIZ Media – MSRP: $12.99

In a sad reflection of the situation on Earth, factions among the human explorers on Mars fall into conflict with each other, a fight they can ill afford as the relentless Terraformars continue to close in on them. The cockroaches have begun to display more human-like qualities, and the battle becomes even more desperate. If the humans can’t set aside their differences long enough to face this threat, death is the only guaranteed outcome.

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