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New Manga Releases for the Week of July 14, 2015

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This week sees new manga releases from Dark Horse Comics, Seven Seas Entertainment, Vertical Comics, and VIZ Media.

Case Closed Volume 55 manga coverMy “Pick of the Week” goes to VIZ Media’s release of Case Closed Volume 55.

Case Closed Volume 55 by Gosho Aoyama
VIZ Media – MSRP: $9.99

A man is found beaten senseless in a parking lot, and the criminal he fingers is George? Time for the Junior Detective League to spring into action and clear their friend’s name. Then a discovery in the school library reminds Conan of one of his first cases. Flash back to the young Jimmy and Rachel as they track down a sinister intruder in their elementary school after dark that seems to have supernatural powers. Can two ordinary kids solve a code left by a master of mysteries?

The other releases coming out this week are:

07-Ghost Volume 17 by Yuki Amemiya
VIZ Media – MSRP: $9.99

Teito desperately searches for a way to drag both himself and Frau out of the psychological trap of Verloren’s scythe for a final confrontation with the villainous death god. When the moment comes, will Teito sacrifice himself to save the world he loves?

Kokoro Connect Volume 4 by Sadanatsu Anda
Seven Seas Entertainment – MSRP: $12.99

The very best of friends are about to become the worst enemies. When five normal and well-adjusted teens at Yamahoshi Academy form the Cultural Research Club, all is right with the world. The close-knit club of girls and boys are perfectly happy in their daily school life-until a supernatural being known as the Heartseed enters the picture. Now the lives of the five friends are turned upside down, as they start swapping bodies and minds. Inner secrets, hidden pasts, and dark urges are revealed to one another. Will the Heartseed and his mindbending powers pull the five friends apart forever?

Magika Swordsman and Summoner Volume 1 by Mitsuki Mihara
Seven Seas Entertainment – MSRP: $12.99

When humanity discovered an alternate dimension filled with magical and mythical beings, the world as we knew it would never be the same. Humanity soon learned to harness these extra-dimensional forces and summon mystical beings into their midst through the power of “summoners.” Years later, 15-year-old Kazuki Hayashizaki is chosen to be the first male summoner. His attendance at an all-female summoner school is met with much opposition, especially from his sister, a magical swordsman whose task is to guard summoners. Now she finds herself in an inferior position to her brother Kazuki, and will stop at nothing to thwart him. As Kazuki struggles against his sister’s machinations and the other female students in school who try to demean him at every turn, can he overcome adversity and learn to become a first rate summoner?

My Neighbor Seki Volume 3 by Takuma Morishige
Vertical Comics – MSRP: $10.95

Toshinari Seki takes goofing off to new heights. Every day, on or around his school desk, he masterfully creates his own little worlds of wonder, often hidden to most of his classmates. Unfortunately for Rumi Yokoi, his neighbor at the back of their homeroom, his many games, dioramas, and projects are often way too interesting to ignore; even when they are hurting her grades.

Oreimo: Kuroneko Volume 2 by Tsukasa Fushimi
Dark Horse Comics – MSRP: $10.99

Kirino seems far out of the way, studying in America, but is she really that far away from the thoughts of Kyousuke? That’s the problem on Kuroneko’s mind, who’s glad to be by Kyousuke’s side, but fears she may only be a substitute. Meanwhile a new challenger appears when Kuroneko joins the Gaming Club: Sena Akagi, whose overactive imagination wishes to pair Kyousuke up with her brother.

Ranma 1/2 Omnibus Volume 17-18 by Rumiko Takahashi
VIZ Media – MSRP: $14.99

Meet Picolet Chardin II, master of the tres terrifying “La Belle France School of Martial-Arts Dining.” It turns out that Ranma’s and Akane’s fathers – as they’ve been known to do, once or twice – have promised one of their children in exchange for a debt, and now that debt’s come due. If Ranma can’t defeat Picolet at his own game, it’d be more than “La Belle France” – it’d be wedding bells.

RIN-NE Volume 18 by Rumiko Takahashi
VIZ Media – MSRP: $9.99

Fall turns to winter, and in the next world everyone is out looking for mushrooms. Gathering around the stew pot stirs the appetite and challenges Rinne to stay focused on his mission to exorcise ghosts. When Tamako’s Black Cat by Contract Kuroboshi and his grandson, Kuroboshi the 3rd, arrive it looks like Rinne’s winter vacation is going to be all business.

The Sacred Blacksmith Volume 8 by Isao Miura
Seven Seas Entertainment – MSRP: $13.99

Like her father and grandfather before her, Cecily Campbell has entered the noble ranks of the Knight Guard, sworn to protect the Independent Trade City of Housman. Now the time has come for Cecily to prove herself in battle. A veteran of the great Valbanill War goes berserk in the marketplace. Cecily confronts him with the prized sword she inherited from her father-and it shatters to pieces. All seems lost, when a lone figure swoops to the rescue, an expert swordsman with a sword unlike any Cecily has ever seen. His name is Luke Ainsworth, a blacksmith of much renown, who will forge a new sword for Cecily and join her down a path of magical adventure beyond her wildest dreams.

Tiger & Bunny Volume 7 by Mizuki Sakakibara
VIZ Media – MSRP: $9.99

At Justice Tower, Tiger, Barnaby and Rock Bison confront Jake, but they’re no match for his unique powers and take a beating. Meanwhile, Origami Cyclone and Edward head to Jake’s secret hideout hoping to capture Kriem and stop the Mad Bears. With the data chip they recover, Saito discovers a way to stop the creepy toys, but the plan requires manpower the team doesn’t have. Fortunately, unlikely allies arrive just in time to offer assistance.

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