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New King of Fighters…Shooter?!?

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Yay, BULLET HELL in an SNK game!

In a move that has fans of Fighting Games, SNK Games, and Shooter Games scratching their heads. SNK Playmore has decided to smoosh all three things together in the form of a vertical shooter that features characters from the King of Fighters series.

Terry, Iori, Kyo, Mai, Athena check, who's the other lady?!?

King of Fighters Sky Stage will hit Japanese arcades tomorrow. I doubt we’ll ever get a chance to play this game unless we go to Japan, but you never know…with all the love SNK has been giving us in the past couple of years, it MIGHT come stateside if enough of us whine to get our hands on a copy.

I don't know what the fuck's going on, but it looks cool

One does not ask how the hell the Japanese make something like this and have it fit in the canon, but from the screens I’ve seen, it’d be fun to play at least.

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