Ryan Thomason

New Green Lantern CG Suit Images STILL Don’t Sell Me on the Movie

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Much like when Iron Man came out, I don’t know jack about the Green Lantern character. But with Iron man, it had something that just drew me in and made me want to dive into the back story. After seeing these new images, I’m still not getting that sensation to jump on the Green Lantern hysteria that my geeky brethren are going crazy about.

I think it is the mask that just throws everything off for me and makes it too fake looking. I like the cool stuff the ring is doing, but it’s hard for me to explain that when I look at these images I just go ‘Meh’. Maybe it’s that I’ve moved on as having Ryan Reynolds as a man-crush, but I just don’t get as excited for this movie as I do when I see new stuff for Thor or Captain America. I’m in the camp that what DC does best in the movies department is Animation, not live action. If they were to stick to that medium I think they’d find much more success in converting people like me to give their characters a try.

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