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New Dubbed Episodes of Sailor Moon Have a Release Date and My Shelf is Ready!

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Say sayonara to Darien and Serena, and hello to Usagi and Mamoru!

Viz Media has set a date for the first set of newly dubbed Sailor Moon episodes on DVD and Blu-ray on November 11, 2014! It is perfect timing to add this wonderful present to any Moonies stocking this Christmas season, as long as they don’t go out and buy it themselves!  I’ve already cleared the space on my shelf for them.


This release is the beginning of Viz’s new dubbed release of all 500 episodes including the three movies of Sailor Moon. Of course while owning every episode of the series that opened my eyes to the wonderful world of anime is more than amazing cool the fact these episodes will be uncut is the cherry on top! Even though I loved every minute of Sailor Moon as a youngster there was a few things that they cut or censored for American audiences, things I didn’t know were cut out until the vast world of the internet opened my eyes! But Viz is started from scratch with this release and a brand new dubbed cast that is sticking to the original script. No Americanizing names, no unnecessary body cover ups, and no hiding the adorable lesbian couple under the term “cousins.” Sailor Moon as it was intended!

Of course if November is just too far away for your little inpatient self, you can check out the subtitled Sailor Moon episodes on Hulu and through Viz Media’s Neon Alley! Every Monday brings two new episodes of the young warrior of love and justice in a sailor uniform. The Year of the Moon continues, bringing back wonderfully beloved character to us old school anime fans and exposing a whole new generation to the power of the moon! Long live the Silver Millenium!

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