New Comics Wednesday: Buzzard #1

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As The Goon is one of my favorite comic books, I looked forward to this comic book, Buzzard, with mixed feelings.  I was unsure if Buzzard, who always seemed to be more of a serious character in The Goon, could carry his own book in writer/artist Eric Powell’s unique style.

In addition, I was worried about the addition of Billy the Kid’s Old Timey Oddities to the book as a back up feature.  The original mini-series left me cold.

The Goon is one of my favorite comics.  I cannot really describe why.  (I will point you to Dark Horse Comics MySpace for a free sample.) It is funny, in a snarky and sometimes violent way.  It mixes that with a very generous helping of supernatural.  That is where Buzzard comes in.

Who is Buzzard?  What is he now?  He freely admits he does not know.  The first part of the book is a bit of review of the character and some of the story from The Goon told with little dialogue.  Mr. Powell has done this style of story-telling before, and I quickly fell into the rhythm of the story.  Dave Stewart’s coloring of the Mr. Powell’s sparse drawings help;  it makes the comic book look like it is done in water color.  By the end, I knew I should not have been concerned:  This comic looks like it is headed in the right direction for its three issues.

For the back up feature, Billy the Kid’s Old Timey Oddities, I have a different, more hesitant, opinion.  I picked up the original four issues in 2005 which was, like this story, written by Eric Powell and drawn by Kyle Holtz.  I didn’t enjoy it partly because I think I was looking for a story more similar to The Goon.  I stuck with it, but the story’s quirky humor never caught on with me.  However, this short story, five pages in length, might have gotten me.  I would probably read the next part anyway, as I will want to read the next Buzzard, but now I think I am actually a little curious as to what might happen.  Have I changed or has the story style changed?  I certainly can remember very little of the original mini-series.

Pick up Buzzard because it is related to The Goon and definitely showcases Mr. Powell’s art and humor.  Stay for the back up and let me know what you think of it.

Bottom Line:  $3.50/$3.50 (Unless you don’t like Billy the Kid’s Old Timey Oddities:  $2.60/$3.50)

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