Ryan Thomason

New Captain America Trailer Makes Up For Green Lantern

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Yeah, if you were disappointed in the Green Lantern movie, this new trailer seems to make Captain America: The First Avenger look light years ahead of it. Plus, it’s 2 and a half minutes long of geeky awesome. We see more of Steve Rogers as the scrawny pre-super solider, getting beat up, trying to be all he can be in the Aaaaarmy. It’s cool to see a super hero who was determination to just be the best because he wants to genuinely help. Not all these super hero films lately that have the “waaaaa, I have super powers I want to be normal” bitching all through the movie and then they just “accept” their fate grudgingly.

I think that’s the appeal of Captain America, he WANTED this because he WANTS the responsibility and to make the world a better place….for America. Kicking Nazi/Red Skull ass is just a welcome side affect. I think out of all the superhero movies to come out this summer, this is the one I’ll actually see in the theater.

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