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New Anime Releases for the Week of June 16, 2015

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Spirited Away anime coverThis week sees new anime releases from Buena Vista, FUNimation Entertainment, and Sentai Filmworks.

Starting with this week’s new releases, I will be featuring a “Pick of the Week.” My choice this week is the re-issue of Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away as a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack.

Spirited Away Blu-ray/DVD Combo
Buena Vista – Sub and Dub – MSRP: $36.99 Get it for $21.96!

While on holiday with her parents, a young girl named Chihiro accidentally stumbles into an enchanted village where ancient Japanese demons go for rest and relaxation. After her parents are unfortunately transformed into enormous pigs, Chihiro is forced to take a job as a cleaning girl in a devil-filled Japanese bath house, where she contends with eight-legged spider-men, gorgeous sky-dragons and a silent, love-struck wraith.

The other new releases coming out this week include:

Captain Earth Collection 1 DVD | Blu-ray
Sentai Filmworks – Sub – MSRP: $49.98 | $59.98

When Daichi Manatsu sees a mysterious rainbow appearing near the Tanegashima Space Center, he immediately recognizes it as being similar to an apparition that formed when his father was killed in a mysterious accident years earlier. Traveling to Tanegashima, Daichi quickly finds himself involved with the machinations of Globe, a secret agency created to defend mankind from extraterrestrial forces.

The Cat Returns Blu-ray/DVD Combo
Buena Vista – Sub and Dub – MSRP: $36.99

Haru, a schoolgirl bored by her ordinary routine, saves the life of an unusual cat, and suddenly her world is transformed beyond anything she ever imagined. To change her fate, she’ll need to learn to believe in herself and, in the process, she will learn to appreciate her everyday life.

Is This a Zombie? Of the Dead – Anime Classics Blu-Ray/DVD Combo
FUNimation Entertainment – Sub and Dub – MSRP: $49.98

Ayumu breaks Haruna’s magic chainsaw and accidentally exposes his fondness for pretty pink dresses to the entire school. Next there’s an incident with a dreadful dance that turns out to be a curse – and an embarrassing trip to a maid cafe where all the zombie’s roommates work. But the shenanigans take a backseat to bigger problems when Ayumu’s mysterious drinking buddy turns out to be the most powerful magical girl of them all.

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