New Alan Wake Project Announced

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Alan Wake developers Remedy Entertainment confirmed today that they are working on a new Alan Wake project, but that they are not treating it as Alan Wake 2 or DLC for Alan Wake.

Responding to yesterday’s rumours that a LinkedIn profile outed previsualisation work on Alan Wake 2, Head of Franchise Development Oskari Hakkinen said to Eurogamer, “Fans of the franchise will be excited to learn that yes, more Wake is coming! But to be absolutely certain to avoid confusion, this next Wake instalment will not be Alan Wake 2. And neither will it be DLC. The rest we’re saving for our official announcement when we’ll actually show you.”

He also revealed that a section of Remedy had been working on the game for the last few months and that fall 2011 is the target for the Finnish developer to announce platforms, pricing and release dates. Hakkinen mentioned that they hadn’t planned on revealing the game yet, but that they were glad that fans were so passionate about a potential sequel.

Rumours of a sequel to 2010’s Xbox 360 exclusive Alan Wake have been floating around for a while, but the most concrete proof was uncovered yesterday when Althea Suarez Gata, a previs artist, claimed to have worked on Alan Wake 2 cinematics for Halon Entertainment last month. They are a previsualisation company who last worked on the Deliver Hope advert for Halo: Reach. A number of websites picked up on it but it was quickly pulled down from the CV. We felt that without sufficient proof of its existence (a screencap of the page for example), it wasn’t worth posting yet.

However, we now know from the metaphorical horse’s mouth that a new game is in the works. Given that it isn’t being classed as a direct sequel, it may well be set in the same universe. There are certainly plenty of stories in Bright Falls alone that are waiting to be told.

Alan Wake was released last year after being in development for five years. It was an adventure horror game that focused on Alan Wake, a troubled writer who travels with his wife to Bright Falls, only for events to unfold that take place in a book that he doesn’t remember writing. Since its release there have been two extra DLC chapters that take place immediately after the end of the first game. You can find my Brit Late review here.

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