Alan Smithee

Netflix Mines Piracy Sites for Information

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I’ve had a Netflix account for a number of years, and it’s always interesting that I get so much potential entertainment for just a few bucks a month, I’ve always wondered how they knew what shows to pick up…now I know.

netflix-piracyIt’s pretty easy to guess that shows that are doing well on the networks are shows that SHOULD be on Netflix. With the rollout of Neflix in the Netherlands, they’ve been monitoring piracy sites in order to gauge what shows they purchase for the service. The shows that trended the highest in the Netherlands for piracy like, “Prison Break” ended up getting purchased.

It makes sense that people would rather spend a few dollars instead of having to risk the illegality of pirating the show. It’s not perfect, but at least they’re trying to pay attention to the public at large instead of just what the networks want.


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