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My Neighbor Totoro Novel – Out Now

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My-Neighbor-Totoro-The-NovelI’ll make this one brief, but it’s fairly simple…if you loved the movie then you’ll love the novel.

Out recently is the novelization of the Hayao Miazaki classic from 1988, yes…25 years ago. Face it, you’re old (err, I mean I’m old). I can’t exactly call this a review since I’m still reading the copy I’ve got in my hands but for $17.99 you can get your own hardcover edition that features watercolor art from Miyazaki-san himself.

I do have to warn you that this isn’t like a simple Golden Books, or even a Dr. Seuss book, this is a commitment. The My Neighbor Totoro novel weighs in at nearly 200 pages and we’re talking lots of words on both sides…it’s not for the faint of heart when it comes to bedtime stories. It’s a fairly meaty tome that has been entertaining and heartwarming much as the original movie was.

The novelization is written by newcomer to the children’s book world Tsugiko Kubo who does an exemplary job in translating a movie that can only be described as magical into text that has the same feeling. I’ve enjoyed the portions that I’ve managed to make it through so far and will be finishing the rest before the end of the week. When I’m all done, THEN I’ll bring the kids in for the same ride.

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