Alan Smithee

Naughty Bear’s Coming Together Nicely

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See the full picture after the me it's worth it.

Last year, Gibbo touched on Naughty Bear coming out on the PS3 and the Xbox 360…well today, we’ve got some box art for you and two videos to give you a clue of what the game promises to contain. I personally can’t wait for this game to come out. I mean, c’mon, it’s an in-cold-blood-murdering-teddy-bear game…that my friends is an awesome concept!

Be careful of who you make fun of…they could come back and murder you at any moment for any reason.

Yeah, that is a teddy bear tracking down his wounded victim who is pleading for its life in Teddy-ese…only to get a shotgun blast that puts it out of its misery. Wow, shit just got more real.

He will fucking kill you with that knife, you'd better run!

Just look a little closer at the blade of the machete…you’d be scared too!

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