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nanananana BATMAN! Original TV Series is out on Bluray today!

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Ah, nothing like campy old school Batman. If you’ve ever been a fan of Batman, you have no idea what you’ve been missing until you see a nice BAMF! in high def glory. I even let my seven year old son catch the end of an episode and he couldn’t stop giggling. When the fight scene happened at the end (Ma and her gang in the prison), my son was in hysterics as he shouted all the words flashing on the screen during the fight. It was a special Geek Dad moment for me.

It’s hard to watch this show in Bluray without a smile on your face. Maybe it’s just remembering how much fun it can be without a totally serious show. I think it’s mostly that, really. I enjoy just having fun and watching words flash on the screen when someone gets punched in the face. Seriously, what more do we need? I’m going to say this now, as I’ll most likely be repeating this on my part of our WPR Gift Guide 2014, this is really a must buy for anybody that loves all things Batman.


Some of the special features included in this are over 3 Hours of all new bonus materials (identical to Limited Edition box set). Adam West Naked on DVD: Watch as Adam takes you behind the scenes of episodes. The Original 1966 Batman Movie DVD starring Adam West and Burt Ward. Detailed Episode Guide and also a show script from the Episode ‘The Joker is Wild’.

Batman: The Complete TV Series is available today. It is a bit pricey, so I would suggest taking advantage of gifting yourself if you are single, or buying this for your significant other as a “Gift” for them this coming holiday season. Check it out on Amazon below.

Also, as this just arrived in my inbox from Warner Brothers. Here are four all-new video clips featuring Adam West discussing his the series’ effect on pop culture, the details of driving the Batmobile, the greatness of Cesar Romero, and the wide array of classic stars that played villains (including Liberace and Tallulah Bankhead).

Pop Culture


Celebrity Villains

Cesar Romero

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