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Mysterious Countdown Appears on ‘Conan’ Website

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It looks like there’s some big news coming for Conan O’Brien’s superhero alter-ego, The Flaming C.

For those not familiar, The Flaming C is a superhero created on the fly by DC Comics legend Bruce Timm during Conan O’Brien’s visit to Warner Bros Animation. In his trademark fishnets, loafers, and steaming oven mitt, The Flaming C fights crime using his power of flight and ability to make things slightly warmer. While the character made for a funny comedy bit, no one really expected the character to leave its drawing stage…until he appeared fully animated in an episode on Young Justice. So imagine our surprise when a brand new website appeared for the character, featuring the above badass shot and a ticking countdown.

What will this countdown reveal? Probably just a website with the existing clips that appeared on Conan’s late night show, but figuring that animating the character in the first place surprised the hell out of us, they could have big plans for the bearded avenger in 6 days.

[The Flaming C]

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