Ryan Thomason

My New Post Apoc Vehicle of Choice

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What happens when I find a vehicle that can crush a Hummer, withstand some dumb asses lobbing grenades and IED’s at me, clear a minefield, and the same minefield clearing arm looks like a PERFECT zombie skewer? You get my next big purchase for “Just in Case”.

Made by a company called Force Protection you take one good look at it, and you know that this baby will help you out when the world goes to shit. Obviously, it’s intended for Military purposes, which is why I’ll make an effort to start some kind of military contracting company so that I can snag one.

It’s armored to the teeth, the tires can run on a flat, and it’s got a diesel engine, which we all know can run on a multitude of fuel, even zombie fuel. How cool would it be to be driving down the street, the masses of survivors are throwing everything they can to stop you, you just whistle on by and give them the bird. Maybe run a few over for good measure, then crack through their pansy barricade with no problem. Oh wait, they tried to blow you up? Pfthh, you’re FINE.

Want the ultimate post apoc mobile home? Convert the backspace into a makeshift sleeping area, hook up a camping stove, and you’re set. You’ll be the coolest kid in the abandoned landscape, and even the weird gangs that wear leather and spikes all Mad Max style that are chasing you in their converted cars will bow down to you…eventually. Just don’t get caught outside taking a piss cause you’ll probably end up the sad man on the front of one of their vehicles all strapped up in your new S & M gear.

ANYWAYS, what’s your guys choice of Post Apoc driving? I’d like to see what you think would work out for you!

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