Alan Smithee

MWN’s Mission Statement in 27 Seconds

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There’s absolutely nothing going on in games and movies right now, so I thought I’d look at youtubes of none other than Conan the Barbarian. I found one of the most common sayings that is quoted from the movie, and one that I have memorized (thanks dad). But I never realized before that the guy who speaks before Conan is so rudely dismissed. He gave this poetic answer and a vivid one to a very open ended question, only to get a “WRONG!” directed back at him. I then realized that this entire scene is a metaphor for what I want this site to be.

Now hang in there, you lovely audience member you…follow with me if you will.

“What is best in life?” is asked by the leader of the camp where Conan has become champion. This man is YOU! It’s the audience saying “ENTERTAIN ME!”. The first person to answer with his long and poetic answer is quickly dismissed…This is the audience telling the normal news and gaming sites that “We’re bored with that shit, nobody cares about Generic Game X coming out in 4 years!”. The audience then turns to Conan only to hear exactly what they want to hear “Tits, Metal, and Opinions”.

We’re Conan…we are MediaWhoreNetwork, and I’m drunk.

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