Ryan Thomason

Movies We Demand You See This Weekend

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We’re not suggesting, we’re telling you! See these movies because honestly, some of us are family guys who don’t get to you know…do whatever we want.

Cat Run (Limited release)

Cast of Janet McTeer, Paz Vega, and Christopher McDonald shows a tale of wheeling and dealing, guns, hardrives, and whatever the hell. We’re not sure, but Janet McTeer cracking her nick like that was pretty cool.


Horror film stars Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne as a couple struggling with a haunted house that has afflicted their son. Even though nearly all of us are big pussies about scary movies, you gotta help some good actors pay the bills.

The Last Comedian (Limited release)

Korean comedian Shim Hyung-rae that’s basically Korean Mr. Bean Joins the Mafia. Sold.


A freaking rubber tire in the American Southwest that rolls around killing people with its mysterious powers. If that doesn’t sound good to you, stop reading our website….wait, come back!

Source Code

HAHAHAHAAHA. Just kidding!


Rainn Wilson and Ellen Page tell crime to shut up, and club said crime with blunt instruments. This is our movie pick of the week, easily, month probably too, Hell I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a WPR top 5 of the year movie.


Adrien Brody continues to wipe his Oscar on a pile of poo with this thriller about a man who wakes up in a crashed car (a wrecked car, OH THE PUNS!) and has no idea who he is. Like you heard the guys say on our Redlight Roundtable Podcast, lets see if this guy can actually, you know, act.

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