Ryan Thomason

Movie Review – Contraband

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Mix parts; Gone in 60 Seconds, The Italian Job, Oceans 11-13, Add Mark Wahlberg, Shake vigorously and you get Contraband. Light on action, heavy on the misdirection and trying to keep you guessing Contraband is a movie that you won’t feel bad paying for to see in the theater, but you probably will only see it again when it hits the DVD/Blu-ray is in the bargain bin. Mark Wahlberg plays a former expert smuggler of illegal goods, who’s gone…good. Owning and operating a home security installation company.

He’s got a wife and two boys, the family man gone legit who still brags about the illegal stuff he did to his buddies. His dumb shit for a brother in law gets in trouble, and of course, he’s pulled back into a life he didn’t want to partake in anymore. The same kind of setup we’ve seen in a ton of these “We’re stealing ‘x’, and it’s IMPOSSIBLE, but we’re going to do it” movies. Beyond that setup, the movie plays out nicely, though some parts of the plot were easy to spot early on. If you’re going into Contraband looking to be blown away, you’ll be walking out disappointed. If you walk into it looking for a fun movie that’s got decent action, people being punched in the face, and you trying to solve how he’s going to “pull it off” in your head this movie fires on all of those cylinders.

In the end, this is a decent popcorn munching film to take on a date night (not first date) where you won’t feel like your money would have been better spent on bowling, or whatever else people do on dates. Thankfully for Contraband, I like the heist movies where people are trying to steal/do totally illogical things yet, pull through in the end.

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