Mortal Kombat Season Pass Tests Your Wallet

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Following the lead of LA Noire’s Rockstar Pass, Warner Bros will be offering a DLC bundle for Mortal Kombat from June 21st for those who buy in now. The Mortal Kombat “Season Pass” will cost 1200MSP/$15 and give you access toSkarlet as well as Kenshi, Rain and an unknown fighter when they are released. Each individual fighter will cost 400MSP/$5, so this is for the people who know they’re going to buy all of this DLC, giving them a $5 discount. The downside though is that for some unexplained reason, this will only be available to 360 owners.

It’s following the idea of buying into DLC early and getting a discount. I don’t really have a problem with it. If someone is a big fan of a game and knows they’re going to buy all of the DLC for it then a discount is a nice reward. Still, in Mortal Kombat’s case, $15 seems a little pricey for just 4 fighters, nevermind $20.

Source: Gamasutra

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