Alan Smithee

Morning Cup o’ Music

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Now that Dr. Light had been tried for a crime he didn’t commit and was found innocent, he has lived his life in banishment from the city he helped create. Time had passed, years in fact had passed and a new generation of children had grown up under Wily’s rule and the machine populace that made man unimportant.

Joe was one of these children but didn’t want this life anymore and finally decided to get out of the city. Really, that’s all that today’s song is about, a guy wanting to get the fuck out of his station in life and trying to make a place for himself…to see what’s really out there.

The track is appropriately titled “Breaking Out” and doesn’t end there. Not being told through the lyrics is the story that the same robot that killed Emily is now stalking Joe for being a voice of dissent. To find out what happens next, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow’s MCoM.

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