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Changing gears a little bit, it’s time for us to get the backstory on why the Dr. Wily came to power and why.

We’ve been working off of their first album for the last two days, but today and the rest of the week, we’ll be hearing cuts off of their second album, Act II: The Father of Death. The album gets its name from the story of Dr. Light and Dr. Wily working to make a utopia for mankind through the use of robots. Little did Thomas Light know that his friend Albert Wily was planning to subjugate mankind.

Today’s song is titled “The Hounds” and features Dr. Wily telling the reporters of his city that the murder of a woman (Emily, Dr. Light’s main squeeze) that he’s conveniently forgotten the name of even though he ordered the kill via his assassin robot and pinned the blame on Dr. Light, will not go unavenged.

Meanwhile his rise to power is near complete as he assumes complete control over the information the people of his city receive. They now see him as a leader, if not a God.

Seriously, get this fucking album already so I can geek out with you too.

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