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Morning Cup o’ Music

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As we move into day two of my week-long lovefest of the Japanese idol Gackt, I think we should take a second to see just how dramatic the chapatsu singer can be.

I mean, it’s completely fitting to see Gackt in dramatic roles such as his recent stint in the recently released movie Bunraku (not to mention the multiple Japanese TV series and movies he has been part of), but seeing an artist actually performing dramatically in a music video and not hamming it up is an amazing thing.

For today’s song, “Seki-Ray” or “Sekirei” (a Japanese bird) off of the album Rebirth you might want to do some light reading on the Ainu people of Japan, their culture, and their beliefs. The bird in question has some ties to the story that is brought up.

Though, if you want to just enjoy the song, then so be it. I’ll be back again tomorrow with another Cup o’ Gackt for you to enjoy.

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