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Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra –

Here to make you smile some more, I bring you some more Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra. The only ska band to survive the second and third wave movements!

This track takes it back to the roots of the genre and sounds a bit more like a big band song but more modern…I would say more akin to swing music. This isn’t exactly the roots of ska, but for the fellas in Skapara, they’re right at home with the style.

The song for today is titled “カナリヤ鳴く空 (Kanariya Naku Sora – Canary Singing Sky)” and is found on the group’s “Stompin on Down Beat Alley” album just like yesterdays song. And much like yesterday, this is another collaboration between Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra and another great lead singer. This time around they grabbed Yusuke Chiba from Thee Michelle Gun Elephant (another great J-Rock group).

I’m really enjoying sharing my love of Japanese music with you all, so expect another great track tomorrow from one of the groups I’ve talked about in the last 2 days. See you then.

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