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I challenge all of you who read this post to find another anime that was as violent as Berserk while being as heart wrenching as it could be throughout the series.

Berserk is just one of those shows that walks a very fine line of ultraviolence and drama that I haven’t ever seen any other show accomplish. The manga series was simply amazing, and when OLM decided to cover the first few story arcs in a 25-episode anime, the world had no idea what was coming its way.

The story circles around Guts and his ambitions to be a lone swordsman as he learns through his newly met comrades in the Band of the Hawk (or as us weeaboos say, Taka no Dan) how to rely on others. Griffith, the leader of the group who recruits Guts, has his sights set on becoming king of his own realm and will stop at nothing, as is shown throughout the series, until he achieves his goal.

The soundtrack to this show was done by Susumu Hirasawa and easily the most recognizable songs from the show is the jikai yokoku (next episode preview) song “Forces”. The vocals were in fact sung by Hirasawa-san himself. A bit of a warning though before you watch the video below…there is GRAPHIC VIOLENCE in the video that will probably get you in trouble at the job if someone were to look at your monitor at the right moment. You’ve been warned.

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