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To help garner more of the anime watchers to come to us as a serious site for all their news and reviews. I’ve decided that this week I am going to dedicate each morning’s MCoM to the truly moving and inspirational songs that nearly make me weep when I hear them from various anime I’ve collected over the decades.

Today’s track is from Wings of Honneamise which was produced by GAINAX way back in the 80s and is in my opinion, one of the finest movies to ever be made, period. I’m not talking best animated movie or best anime, I’m talking one of the best films ever produced.

The animation in the film was just sublime, the soundtrack by Ryuichi Sakamoto (one of Japan’s finest composers) was some of the best work that I’ve heard outside of Vangelis on Blade Runner, and the story is a touching yet serious one of a world that is not too unlike our own during the Cold War when we were rushing to get the first person in space.

The song is “Fade” and is the closing song for the film that is played over the credits after you’re treated to some of the best storytelling that I’ve ever been witness to.

I have to warn you, there is not a ton of action in this movie, so if you’re looking for an anime with a lot of stuff blowing up, then this is probably not for you. This movie is rife with scenery shots, scenes with long pauses in dialogue, and many many parts of the movie that are essentially instrumental, especially the flight scene. God I love this film.

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