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Morning Cup o’ Music

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I’m a sucker for the Asian Kung-Fu Generation, I’ve seriously got all of their songs…and I would probably pay upwards of $200 for concert tickets if they ever got the chance to play here in Utah (fat chance I know), but I can always dream. With that love of AKFG, come a healthy love for Naruto….yes, THAT Naruto, the one that has some of the world’s most annoying fans.

Today’s track takes both of these things and wraps them all together in one awesome AMV that will leave you speechless if you’re a fan of the series. If you’re not a fan, just listen to the song at least. It’s a good one. If you are trying to find the CD that this track is from, look for the album Sol-fa, it came out about 6 years ago and is my personal favorite from the band.

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